A short video clip (Save-As, right click)

Computer, Mini-Itx VIA EPIA M10000 @ 1ghz, 256MB, TV-Out, ATI Wonder Remote (RF remote!), Targus DVD-Rom (USB 2.0, bus powered), 802.11b wireless USB adapter.

XM Direct Unit interfaced to Serial port of PC

Vsokolov's Navi Plug-n-play wiring

Vsokolov's Nav+ w/plug-n-play connectors to stock navigation unit

XM Satellite radio running on stock Nav screen.

Toggle switch mounted in pocket, used to switch between stock navigation/HVAC controls and PC.

PC Running Media Engine (hot program for playing mp3's in car environment).

Another Media Engine "while playing:" screen.

WinDVD 6.0, bring on the long drives!

Shot of the desktop.